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Keeping Salt Lake City Kids Safe During Winter Driving Season

Driving in snowy weather throughout Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Sandy, Clearfield and surrounding areas is dangerous for any motorist on the road. For teens, however, the bad weather conditions coupled with their inexperience could be a recipe for disaster. An accident attorney knows that motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of death for […]

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Salt Lake City Drivers Can Avoid Collisions By Not Driving Distracted

Although motorists know distracted driving is dangerous, many do not conceptualize the full extent of the risks associated with using electronics or phones as they drive. An accident attorney knows taking your eyes and mind off the road for any reason, even for a brief period of time, can significantly increase the chance of becoming involved […]

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More Salt Lake City Collision Victims Benefit from Hiring an Attorney?

Private insurance companies pay for 50 percent of the costs of motor vehicle accident losses in the United States. According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, 26 percent of motor vehicle losses are covered by the victims of the accidents. State and local tax revenues collectively cover nine percent of losses and healthcare providers […]

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