Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Salt Lake City

Motorcycles are an increasingly popular way to experience the open road in Utah. While motorcycle enthusiasts may tell you that the experience is much different than driving a car, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Peter W. Summerill know that injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can be different, too.


While drivers and passengers of cars have airbags, seatbelts and a large steel frame to protect them in an accident, even the safest motorcyclists have very little crash protection. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, call our firm today.

Knowing what to do after a motorcycle crash can be difficult and confusing. You might have been hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light, rear-ended by a driver distracted by their cell phone, or simply hit by a motorist who says they didn’t “see” your motorcycle. That’s why you need the Law Offices of Peter W. Summerill on your side, fighting aggressively to protect your rights. Our experienced lawyers have experience uncovering the causes of motorcycle accidents and earning clients the compensation they rightfully deserve after suffering one of the many types of common motorcycle accident injuries.

The attorneys at our Salt Lake City law firm understand the complex nature of motorcycle accidents. We have experience dealing with motorcycle accident insurance claims and dealing with insurance company representatives looking to nickel-and-dime you out of a fair settlement. That isn’t right. Even if you’re a motorcycle passenger who suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, our attorneys are ready and willing to fight for you.

What are the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Salt Lake City?

Motorcycle accidents in Utah have a variety of different causes. Many people – and insurance companies – are quick to point the finger at motorcyclists when most crashes occur. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Peter W. Summerill know the truth. In most cases, most motorcyclists are not to blame. In fact, one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents includes drivers of cars, trucks, and other large vehicles who simply “didn’t see” the motorcycle moments before the crash.
If you’re a motorcyclist involved in an accident caused by somebody else, it’s not fair to shoulder the blame for the accident. You may have been hit by a drunk driver who ran a stop sign in Ogden. Or maybe you were rear-ended by a reckless driver on I-15. No matter the cause of your accident, you deserve justice. Contact us today to discuss your legal options with a lawyer who knows how to earn accident victims the compensation they deserve for their injuries.
Common causes of motorcycle accidents in Salt Lake City, Ogden and across Utah include the following:

  • Driver fails to see motorcycle
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding and/or reckless driving
  • Texting while driving
  • Driver tries to pass motorcycle without adequate clearance
  • Driver misjudges distance to motorcycle and doesn’t stop in time

Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries in Salt Lake City

At the Law Offices of Peter W. Summerill, our lawyers understand the physical, financial, and emotional burden that a motorcycle accident can place on injury victims and their loved ones. Expenses add up fast. If you’re a motorcyclist who has been hit by a drunk driver, distracted driver or reckless driver who simply “didn’t see” your bike, you shouldn’t have to face these expenses alone. Contact us today.
Motorcycle accident injures cover a wide range. Some injuries are minor, such as cuts, bruises or “road rash,” which occur when a motorcycle rider’s skin makes contact with the pavement. Other injuries can be far more serious, including potentially life-threatening internal injuries, back and neck injuries, and nervous system injuries. For instance, a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury suffered in a motorcycle accident could require a lifetime of round-the-clock care for an accident victim. Other motorcycle accident injuries include:

  • Hand or feet injuries that could lead to amputation.
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Neck, back, and spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Internal injuries
  • Nervous system injuries

What To Do If You’re A Motorcycle Passenger Injured in a Salt Lake City Accident?

Motorcycle drivers aren’t always the only ones who suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident. Oftentimes they have a friend sitting behind them during the bike wreck. At the Law Offices of Peter W. Summerill, our attorneys know that these passengers can suffer serious injuries, too. In fact, because motorcycle drivers have a better view of the road and potential hazards, a passenger may even suffer more severe motorcycle crash injuries. Contact us today to discuss your legal options with an attorney in Salt Lake City who knows how to protect your rights. You could be entitled to compensation – no matter who caused the motorcycle accident.
It’s hard knowing what to do after being a passenger involved in a motorcycle accident. You weren’t in control of the bike when it crashed. If you’ve been injured, you could be entitled to compensation from a number of different parties. If a negligent driver – such as a drunk driver in Ogden or reckless driver on I-15 – caused your accident, you could seek compensation from the negligent driver who caused your accident. If the driver of the motorcycle was at fault in the crash, you could even collect compensation from his or her insurance company. Our firm knows that the insurance claims process can be complicated when motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries to passengers – and that’s why we’re here.

Lawyers who’ll take on Insurance Companies after your Salt Lake City Motorcycle Accident

When you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash in Utah, you might find that insurance companies blame riders for the accident. Even when the cause of the accident may be clear cut – they might even know that you did nothing wrong – these insurance companies often resort to tactics designed to delay or deny your claim. That’s why it’s important to talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City at the Law Offices of Peter W. Summerill immediately after an accident – and before speaking with the insurance company representatives from the negligent driver who hit you. You could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.
The following are some of the excuses insurance companies may use to deny your claim:

  • You did not purchase insurance coverage for the claim you are presenting
  • You do not have coverage because you were late in making a payment
  • You filled out the paperwork incorrectly
  • You were too late in filing documents related to the claim
  • The damage in your accident exceeds your policy limits
  • You put in a claim for an uninsured driver, but the insurance company discovers the other driver had insurance
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