Sepsis Claims Lawyers in Salt Lake City

Septic shock, also known as “sepsis,” is a bacterial infection in the blood stream that’s often caused by infection. When left untreated or not treated properly, septic shock can be a life-threatening disease.

Although elderly and immuno-suppressed people are at highest risk of suffering from septic shock,medical malpractice victims of all ages are at risk when their infection isn’t detected, diagnosed, or treated by hospital staff or other medical personnel. If you’ve suffered injuries related to septic shock, contact the Law Offices of Peter W. Summerill to file your sepsis claims. Our Utah attorneys can fight for the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Sepsis has many causes and most can be traced back to the negligent care of a doctor, nurse, or hospital staff. Patients who are left unattended for extended periods of time can develop bed sores, leading to serious wounds and infections. Improper administration and sanitization of intravenous lines that go straight into a patient’s bloodstream can lead to serious infection. Patients who enter – and leave – the emergency room with undiagnosed infections are also at risk, as are patients recovering from surgery who aren’t given proper and regular medication to close up wounds related to surgery.

What Kind of Surgeries Cause Bowel Perforations or Sepsis?

A bowel perforation or sepsis can occur as a result of numerous procedures. Sepsis can occur even in the absence of a bowel injury if there is malpractice involving a piercing or resection of the pancreas, stomach or other abdominal organ. Some of the procedures that, if performed incorrectly or if the post-operative care is negligent, can lead to sepsis and bowel injury include:



Laparoscopic surgery

Gastric bypass



However you injury occurred, a medical malpractice lawyer should be contacted immediately because Utah law provides many protections for hospitals, surgeons and other care providers. If very specific procedures are not followed, or if you delay taking legal action, the ability to bring a claim for medical malpractice due to a bowel injury, sepsis or septic shock can be lost altogether.

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