Personal Injury Lawyers in Utah Handling a Broad Range of Claims

The Law Offices of Peter W. Summerill – a Utah law firm with experience and a demonstrated track record of success – handles a wide variety of different cases. Our personal injury lawyers put experience and resources to work for victims and their families in Utah.

Serious Utah accidents happen every day, from accidents at ski resorts in Utah, to boating accidents on the Great Salt Lake, to traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.  And every accident is unique and presents difficult challenges to the victim and his or her family.  We are personal injury and wrongful death attorneys who understand that each client deserves personalized attention and exceptional service.  We know exactly what is required to obtain maximum compensation for a client’s losses.

No matter your legal issue, contact the Law Offices of Peter W. Summerill today to discuss your legal options with a knowledgeable, experienced personal injury attorney in Utah who knows how to stand up for clients. Call (866) 408-0889 right now.

You may believe your issue is a straightforward legal matter. Chances are you did nothing wrong. However, the at-fault person or company may disagree. Insurance companies may try to force you to give up your rights by pressuring you into a quick settlement or even argue that you were at fault. Our attorneys know that the simplest cases can quickly turn into complicated legal matters – and that’s why we’re here. We will protect your rights!

Ski Resort Accidents

While enjoying a vacation or a weekend on Utah’s world-famous ski slopes, the last thing that’s likely on your mind is being involved in a serious accident. However, catastrophic accidents occur every year at ski resorts across Utah.

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Boating Accidents

Boating is a popular pastime on the Great Salt Lake and other bodies of water throughout Utah. However, injuries sustained in boating, personal water craft or Jet Ski accidents in Utah often cause catastrophic injuries.

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Premises Liability Claims

Property accidents can happen anywhere, anytime in Utah. You could be shopping at the Gateway in Salt Lake City when you slipped and fell on a wet floor. Perhaps you’re an outdoor enthusiast in town to ski at Snowbasin or Park City or mountain bike Ben Lomond when you’re involved in an assault outside your hotel, leading to a negligent security case.

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Defective Products

When purchasing products – from food to furniture to children’s toys – we rightfully expect them to be safe. That’s why when a product fails and causes potentially catastrophic injuries to you or a loved one, it’s hard knowing what to do.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries

In Salt Lake City, Ogden, and across Utah, a traumatic brain injury can occur without warning. You or a loved one may be involved in a car accident on Interstate 15 that caused serious head trauma. Or you might be shopping at the Gateway Mall or South Towne Center when you suddenly slip and fall, leaving you or a loved one appearing to only have a slight bruise or a concussion.

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Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury suffered in a car accident, motorcycle crash or slip and fall accident can instantly change people’s lives forever. In an instant, an injury victim might lose the ability to use their arms or legs. They might be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. In certain extreme cases, a spinal cord injury could even result in death.

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Dog Bites

Dog attacks in Utah can happen fast and with little warning. You may be walking in your neighborhood when your neighbor’s dog runs up and bites you. Perhaps you were approached by an unfamiliar dog in an unfamiliar part of town. It could have even been a friend or relative’s dog that suddenly attacked you, leaving you – or even worse, your child – with severe injuries.

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Attorney Peter W. Summerill is an attorney who serves the legal needs of personal injury and accident victims in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo and across Utah.

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