Utah Ski Resort Accident Lawyers in Salt Lake City and Ogden

While enjoying a vacation or a weekend on Utah’s world-famous ski slopes, the last thing that’s likely on your mind is being involved in a serious accident. However, catastrophic accidents occur every year at ski resorts across Utah.


Skiing and snowboarding accidents – from collisions with other winter weather enthusiasts to unmarked obstacles at ski resorts – can cause catastrophic injuries ranging from broken bones, to traumatic brain injuries or even a wrongful death. Contact the Law Offices of Peter W. Summerill to discuss your legal options with an experienced lawyer who knows how to fight for you.
A ski resort may say that you filed a waiver that prevents you from seeking compensation for your accident when you purchased a lift ticket or rented equipment to ski there. The report compiled by ski patrol officials may indicate that you were the one who caused your accident. Oftentimes, without the help of an experienced attorney, injury victims may face difficulties in proving fault in their accident. And that’s why we’re here – to build a solid and successful legal strategy that’s designed to earn you the compensation you rightfully deserve. We know what it takes to build a strong case. We can obtain the accident report and thoroughly investigate your ski accident.

Types of ski resort accidents in Utah

Ski collisions

Colliding with an object, such as a tree, is viewed as an inherent risk of the sport. However, skiing is not a contact sport and collisions with reckless skiers who fail to maintain a lookout, or fail to maintain control, could leave injury victims with legitimate grounds to file a lawsuit under Utah law.

Ski area negligence

It’s the responsibility of all skiers to be on the lookout for hazards while heading down the slopes. While laws do exist to protect ski area from lawsuits filed by injured skiers, it may be possible to file a lawsuit if negligent property maintenance – including open excavations, collisions with moving equipment, or a collision that occurs with heavy machinery parked around a blind corner – causes serious injury.

Ski lift accidents

Ski lifts need to be properly maintained and operated by trained, qualified workers. If an accident occurs on a lift, or while the skier or snowboarder is loading or unloading, catastrophic injuries can occur. You could be entitled to compensation if these accidents are caused by equipment failure or operator negligence.

Ski equipment failure

When renting equipment such as snowboards, skis, boots and poles, it’s expected that this equipment works properly. However, when it doesn’t and an injury occurs, injury victims might be able to file a lawsuit against the ski resort that failed to monitor and maintain its equipment.

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Attorney Peter W. Summerill is an attorney who serves the legal needs of personal injury and accident victims in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo and across Utah.

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