Massive Product Liability Airbag Recall

Takata Airbag Recall Exposes Flawed System

Individuals injured through product defects often have no idea that the product they are using poses a significant risk of harm. Even when manufacturers acknowledge the existence of a defect, many consumers remain unaware of the potential dangers because there is no solid system by which consumers can be notified. The massive, now greater than 5.4 million vehicles involved, Takata airbag fiasco demonstrates this problem. The manufacturer created a substandard product that has gone on to hurt and kill many people. Yet, the manufacturer did not timely acknowledge the problem and, now even though the defect is well-publicized, many people do not know whether they are at increased risk of injury or death.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Association has a list you can check to see if the airbags in your vehicle may pose an increased danger.

Peter Summerill

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