Peter W. Summerill

Utah Trial Attorney

December 2021

Moving On

After six years with the law firm D/K/O/W Pete Summerill is proud to announce his association as of-counsel with the law firm Lowrance Lundell Lofgren. Pete will continue to represent individuals and families harmed by faulty and defective products, medical negligence or auto/trucking crashes. Pete's association with the firm Lowrance Lundell Lofgren puts him in a unique position in his career, one where he can better serve the individual needs of each client with hands-on attention and highly focused work on each case by avoiding the usual crush that many personal attorneys experience, i.e. too many cases and too little time. Pete will be dedicated to each case and will only be taking those cases where he feels his more than 20 years of experience can return the highest and best result for each client.